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Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush reaches deep to the undercoat to detangle mats, collect shedded fur and leave your pet’s coat shiny and soft to the touch.

Other pet brushes leave you with a huge wad of hair to clean up after a grooming session. Plus, you spend more time brushing because standard plastic or metal bristles can’t reach all the way through thick fur to work those deep, stubborn tangles.

The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush makes pet grooming fast and convenient, with a comfortable ergonomic grip handle and bent-wire bristles designed and tested to penetrate even the thickest coat of fur. Just brush your dog as you would normally, and you’ll notice how it glides through fur like silk. Your pet will enjoy the “deep massage” feel as the brush smoothes away tangles from top to bottom. After you’re done, the bristles retract to loosen collected hair right into the trash.

  • Great for dogs and cats of all ages and hair types
  • Like having a professional groomer at your house- no tangles, mats or loose hair
  • Bent-wire bristles reach the undercoat without harming your pet
  • The bristles retract, loosening collected hair for easy clean up
  • Massages the skin to relax your pet and promote blood circulation