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Pet Paw Nail Grinder


Painless grooming is at the heart of the Pet Paw Nail Grinder with its two speed electric nail grinding abilities. This nail grinder makes nail grooming easy for every pet in your home, no matter the size or breed. You can complete the difficult task of nail grooming quickly and efficiently.

The Pet Paw Nail Grinder is a professional grade tool that has been significantly upgraded. It offers a Diamond Bit Grinder which keeps pets safe and comfortable, without neglecting a precise grind. It offers two speeds and three ports to have the ability to accommodate all of your pets' needs. Finally, it is a very quiet machine so that it does not scare your pets during the grinding process.

The Pet Paw Nail Grinder will save you significant money in the long run as you are able to perform this task yourself rather than going to the groomer. It will also save you money in that it is re-chargeable and does not require a battery supply. The battery in this tool lasts up to two hours.

  • Diamond Bit Grinder for safe, precise cut.
  • 2-Speed switch with powerful low-speed capabilities.
  • 3 grinding ports offering comfortability for small, medium and large pets
  • Low noise and vibration through the whisper-quit technologies
  • Indicator light to show full charge through its re-chargeable capabilities
  • 2-hour life battery
  • Lightweight and ergonomic for comfort in utilization and easy handling