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Pet Nail Clipper


The Pet Nail Clippers features an innovative design that lets anyone safely cut dog or cat nails right at home with little skill or effort required.

Are you tired of frequent trips to an expensive groomer to trim your pet’s nails? Nail health is essential for both dogs and cats. Without regular trimming, sharp claws scratch up furniture and skin. As well, pet nails don’t wear down on their own, resulting in painful breakage. Traditional pet nail clippers are stressful, causing immense pain if you accidentally cut too deep and knick the delicate “Quick” bloodline.

The Pet Nail Clippers was developed and tested by two veterinarians to give pet owners a safe and easy way to cut pet nails at home. The entire system is geared towards a painless experience. It comes equipped with a powerful LED light that illuminates the “Quick” within the nail bed, with a 5x mirror magnifier so you know exactly where to cut. Just place your pet’s nail into the guider for a perfect position, and squeeze the ergonomic grip to deliver a seamless cut every time.

  • The ergonomic no-slip grip and precision blade allow for a comfortable position
  • A bright LED light illuminates light or dark colored nails to expose the “quick” bloodline and avoid painful over-cutting
  • Powerful 5x magnifier mirror shows every detail of the nail for extra accuracy
  • Built-in nail catcher holds nail trimmings until later disposal for easy clean-up
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs