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Pet Hair Removal Sticky Lint Roller

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Finally, you can take control of loose pet hair with the easy to use Sticky Lint Roller that instantly picks up fur anywhere, keeping clothes and belongings spotless.

We love our pets, but sometimes all that shedded fur can get overwhelming, especially if you’re about to step out of the house and your shirt is covered in hair! Instead of rushing to your closet to find a new outfit, there’s a fast and simple way to remove unwanted pet hair immediately, saving time and hassle.

The Pet Hair Sticky Lint Roller is man’s *other* best friend, featuring an easy grip ergonomic handle and thick sticky pad roll. Small and lightweight, it fits in any drawer, glove compartment or purse for anytime access. Simply pull off the protective cover from the sticky sheet roll and gently move the roller over the area you want cleaned. In an instant the hair is stuck on the roller- just tear off the used sheet and toss it in the trash!

  • Removes pet hair from clothes, carpets, furniture, couches, cars and more
  • Effectively picks up any type of pet hair, lint and dust particles
  • Portable design to be used indoors, outdoors and for travel
  • Long lasting materials with thick sheets that can be used multiple times
  • Safe & gentle for all types of fabric