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Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags

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Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags is dedicated to helping dog lovers help their furry friends and the environment with Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags.

Owning dogs is one of life’s great joys. However, cleaning up their mess is not. Leaving poop around the neighborhood or the dog park will, at best, garner dirty looks and, at worst, result in outright resentment. No one wants to litter around the places they live and have fun. Another thing no one wants to do is ruin the environment. We use plastic for everything from grocery bags to doggie bags, and those practices produce a ton of waste that clutters the environment we all share in one way or another.

Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags offer a solution to these problems. They are made from recycled materials to prevent unnecessary waste. They are spacious to allow for easy poop removal. Each roll has a sticker which allows you to find the next bag and keep the roll neat and tidy. They have also have ties to close the bag off to make disposing of the waste as simple as can be.

  • 1080 bags per purchase with 60 bags per roll 
  • Rolls compatible with dispensers
  • Each roll has a sticker for easy use and reuse
  • Bags come with built-in tie to seal waste
  • 9” by 13” bags provide plenty of room
  • Recycled materials cut down on environmental waste