PawSafe Dog Seatbelt

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When an excited dog jumps from seat to seat, a distracted driver hits your car or you have a dog that likes to jump out of the window, how can you keep him safely restrained while on the road?

With the PawSafe Seatbelt, your dog stays comfortable and securely fastened, whether he’s in the front or back seat during a car ride. The simple design allows for ease of use, featuring a strap with a clasp on one end and a seatbelt buckle on the other end. Simply attach the clasp to your dog’s harness and snap the buckle into place on the seat, then you’re ready to go! 

The strap is made from heavy duty Nylon fabric to keep your dog situated during fast turns and sudden stops. A sturdy, aluminum alloy clasp swivels 360 degrees to accommodate comfort in case he wants to sit, stand or lay down. Sizing is flexible, as the length of the strap can easily be adjusted for small, medium and large dogs.

A Word From Our Founder

Product Specifications:

  • Seatbelt can adjust from 53 to 74 cm.
  • Fits any vehicle model by simply snapping the attached buckle into the seat belt clasp
  • Black Nylon strap comes with a silver reflective ribbon for night time
  • “No tangle” design so dog can lay, sit or stand without disturbing the driver
  • Features a bungee that effectively absorbs shock during impact