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Pet Calming Bed

Color: Beige

Pet Calming Bed is the perfect bed for your medium sized dog or cat. These products are able to provide comfort and warmth to your furry friend, even in its most anxious moments. Your pet will be able to relax quickly when it is able to reach the comfort of this bed.

Many dogs and cats can become overly anxious during certain situations including being left alone at home and in enduring thunder storms. They often seek a sense of security in these difficult moments. For those reasons, it is important that your pet has a safe place to go during its most difficult moments that will offer a sense of security.

The Pet Calming Bed aims to provide that sense of security your small to medium sized dog or cat needs. It has strategically raised sides to create this security, as well as joint support and comfort throughout. The faux fur material provides comfort as well as warmth during life's scariest moments for your pet.

  • Comfortable and breathable faux fur features
  • Small and medium size options
  • Raised rim to increase calming effects
  • Supportive filling for joint problems such as arthritis
  • Medium size with a capacity of up to 45 pounds and small size capacity of 25 pounds