PawSafe Products The ultimate product feed for Facebook - part of the Pixel Perfect app by wyred-up shopify_1649954783306Collapsible Pet Food Bowl Keep your dog hydrated anywhere, anytime with the convenient and lightweight collapsible dog bowl.One of the biggest challenges of traveling with a dog is saving space when packing supplies. If you and your furry friend like to spend time on the trails, camping or visiting the local dog park, it’s vital to ensure she has enough water to drink. Hard, plastic dog bowls are clunky, taking up way too much space in your car or backpack.The Collapsible Dog Bowl is a no-brainer for saving space while making it easy to give your dog water no matter where you are. The simple disk shape unfolds into a sturdy bowl to hold kibble or water. Our bowls are so lightweight you can pack it inside a bag, purse, stroller or clip it to a bag like a keychain.Dimensions: 5.1 inches wide, 2.1 inches height. A single bowl can hold 12 fluid oz of water or 1.5 cups of food. When folded, the bowl is only 0.5 inches.Made from non toxic silicone that is safe for your dog and also eco friendlyIncludes non slip bottom and clip Perfect for crates, airplane travel, car travel & outdoors activitiesTo clean, simply rinse or wipe after use new 1649954783306in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 12.99USD shopify_3676685172810Dog Bone Toothbrush Chew Toy Let your dog take her own dental hygiene by the paws with the vet-approved PawSafe™ Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy that tastes great, strengthens teeth and protects against oral diseases.With work, kids, errands and your own self care, it can be difficult to factor in a daily dental routine for your dog. Forget wrestling those jaws open while trying to scrub your pooch’s sharp teeth. With the PawSafe™ Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy, you can check one more pet responsibility off the list.Your pup will stay captivated for hours as she chews soft, yet durable rubber. Deep grooves are flanked with meat flavored bristles that massage the gums while effectively chipping away at plaque and tartar in hard to reach places. Your dog will happily settle down with her “treat” while you can go about your daily business knowing her dental hygiene is taken care of.All natural rubber that is non toxic and safeSide pads allow for easy paw gripBristles and grooves designed to reach every tooth surface and creviceSelf-dispensing toothpaste reservoir for extra cleansingPerfect for growing puppies that are teething or dogs with a destructive chewing habit new 3676685172810in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 19.99USD shopify_1643361763402Dog Car Seat Cover Save time and energy cleaning up dog hair and dirt on your car seats with the easy-to-install waterproof Dog Seat Cover. There’s nothing a dog loves more than a car ride. Unfortunately, that means dirt, hair and drool flying everywhere!Put away the vacuum and towels, because the Dog Seat Cover cuts out the need for any strenuous labor or wasted time. Made from heavy duty fabric, it’s designed to accommodate the movements of an excited pup, while creating a strong barrier that protects your car’s upholstery. It’s easy to install, fitting over the entire backseat, and can be unzipped down the middle in case you want to remove a portion of the cover to sit with your dog. Clean up is easy- just wipe the cover down with a damp cloth or throw it in the washing machine.Waterproof & washableCan be used to line a car, crate, sofa or floorFits most cars: 130x150x55 CMJust snap the buckles and adjust the straps to install or removeFolds up into a small package that is easily portable new 1643361763402in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 39.95USD shopify_1659826110538Dog LED Collar Keep you and your dog safe during night time walks with the bright LED Dog Leash that alerts drivers and pedestrians to your location from miles away.Walking your dog at night greatly increases the risk of an accident or injury from a passing car. It’s difficult for drivers to see properly in the dark, turning a relaxing, bonding time into a stressful ordeal for both you and your pooch. With the USB Chargeable LED Dog Leash, you won’t have to worry about night time dangers. This high quality Nylon lead features super charged LED lights that promptly alert others to the exact whereabouts of you and your pup. Choose from 4 different modes to announce yourself on the road, with long bright, flash, slow flash and off mode. Drivers will be able to see you from far away, giving them enough time to slow down.Size: Width 2.5 cm * Length 120 cm; extends to 30 cmMade from heavy duty woven NylonCharge LED light using a USB cable- 1 charge for 3 hours of useRemovable electronic component for easy cleaningChoose from red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink or white new 1659826110538in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 14.99USD shopify_4532312604746Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Slowing down dogs that eat too fast is that for which this bowl was designed. A dog will enjoy more heath benefits from eating slower. This Dog Slow Feeder Bowl is ideal if you have a dog that is eating its food too fast. It is designed to make meal time longer so your dog feels full with less food; it will also slow down your dog if it drinks too fast as well. There is no need for concern about what food to add into it because it works with both dry and wet dog food. Also, Dog Slow Feeder Bowl is made with materials that are both BPA and Phthalate free. It can hold about 1.5 cups of dry dog food.The bowl has a maze inside your dog has to work around that causes slower eating. By making a dog eat and drink slower, obesity, indigestion, vomiting, bloating, and choking are less likely to occur. By helping to prevent obesity, a dog can be expected to have better fitness. Cleaning is easy because it is dishwasher safe; it just needs to be on the top rack. There are also multiple color options for this bowl as well. Slows down fast eaters and drinkersWords with dry and wet dog foodHelps to prevent health issuesHelps with fitnessEasy to clean new 4532312604746in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 17.99USD shopify_4536803000394Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags is dedicated to helping dog lovers help their furry friends and the environment with Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags.Owning dogs is one of life’s great joys. However, cleaning up their mess is not. Leaving poop around the neighborhood or the dog park will, at best, garner dirty looks and, at worst, result in outright resentment. No one wants to litter around the places they live and have fun. Another thing no one wants to do is ruin the environment. We use plastic for everything from grocery bags to doggie bags, and those practices produce a ton of waste that clutters the environment we all share in one way or another.Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags offer a solution to these problems. They are made from recycled materials to prevent unnecessary waste. They are spacious to allow for easy poop removal. Each roll has a sticker which allows you to find the next bag and keep the roll neat and tidy. They have also have ties to close the bag off to make disposing of the waste as simple as can be.1080 bags per purchase with 60 bags per roll Rolls compatible with dispensersEach roll has a sticker for easy use and reuseBags come with built-in tie to seal waste9” by 13” bags provide plenty of roomRecycled materials cut down on environmental waste new 4536803000394out of stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 3.99USD shopify_4448421609546LED Leash (Green/Red/Blue) new 4448421609546out of stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 14.99USD shopify_3681096040522Paw Cleaner Save time and don't stress about your dog's dirty paws dirtying your house with our uniquely designed Premium Portable Paw Cleaner!The cleaner effectively and very quickly will take your dog's paw from dirty to squeaky clean. The soft bristles ensure your dog won't be hurt and kept safe during the clean! Best of all, it's suitable for all dog breeds, big or small!FEATURES:Hands-free Cleaning - You don’t have to touch whatever is on your dog's paws with your own hands. Keep your hands bacteria free as well as your dogs!2 in 1 Dog Paw Cleaner / Grooming Brush Lid - Not only can clean your dog's paw, but also can removes the silicone lid separately to give your dog a gentle grooming, massage, bathing , cleaning, etc. Very Portable - Keep the Paw Cleaner in your car for quick trips to the dog park, weekend road trips, camping, hiking, running and other doggy adventures.Effective and Comfortable - More and more pet parents are looking for more innovative ways to clean dirty dog paws. Chooseen takes pet care in mind, and continuously trying to look for solutions to these needs of pet parents.We have all been there; Your dog has been to the park or creek and they've had the time of their life which is great, but their white paws have turned black! Uh-Oh! No worries, our convenient portable paw cleaner can save the day!HOW TO USE: 1. Add some water to the cup.2. Put the dog's into the cup, Carefully rotating or push up and down and then try rotating it the opposite way for extra effect.3. Repeat the same process for the other three .4. Dry your dog's with a towel, and empty the dirty water out of the Cleaner.5. To clean the cleaner: Remove the lid and bristles and rinse for next use.Size:  Small / Large     Small size:        3.7 x 3.1 x 6.2 inchsLarge size:        4.3 x 3.5 x 9.2 inchs   It's as easy as slipping your dog's paw inside the tube and giving it a whirl for just 5 seconds. Find the most suitable size for your pet! new 3681096040522in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 19.95USD shopify_1611464605770PawSafe™ Dog Seatbelt There’s nothing more important than keeping your dog safe!But over 400,000 people each year get in car accidents because they’re distracted, oftentimes by their loveable and excitable pooch in the backseat...These types of accidents can be disastrous for your pooch, leading to injury or even death.Our best-selling PawSafe™ Dog Seat Belt allows your pooch to move around safely on their seat but avoid distracting you, the driver.It also ensures that your dog remains safe in case of an accident.If you buckle your kids in, why not your pooch? HOW IT WORKSWith the PawSafe Seatbelt, your dog stays comfortable and securely fastened, whether he’s in the front or back seat during a car ride.The simple design allows for ease of use, featuring a strap with a clasp on one end and a seatbelt buckle on the other end.Simply attach the clasp to your dog’s harness and snap the buckle into place on the seat, then you’re ready to go!The strap is made from heavy duty Nylon fabric to keep your dog situated during fast turns and sudden stops.A sturdy, aluminium alloy clasp swivels 360 degrees to accommodate comfort in case he wants to sit, stand or lay down.Sizing is flexible, as the length of the strap can easily be adjusted for small, medium and large dogs.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSSeatbelt can adjust from 53 to 74 cm.Fits any vehicle by snapping the buckle into the seat belt claspBlack nylon strap comes with a silver reflective ribbon for night time“No tangle” design allows to lay, sit or stand without disturbing the driverFeatures a bungee that effectively absorbs shock during impactFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSDoes a dog have to wear a car seat belt by law?It depends where you live, but there is momentum worldwide around ensuring dogs are tethered whilst driving. Beyond the safety of the dog itself, this also ensures they limit distraction of drivers. In some countries such as the UK, driving with an unrestrained dog can lead to heavy fines.Will this fit my car?Yes! Our car dog seat belt will fit with all vehicles fitted with regular seatbelt buckle fittings.Do I need to buy a certain size?No. Our seat belt is length adjustable and is made one size fits all.Will my dog get tangled in it?In addition to being adjustable to size, the swivel clasp should allow for a bit of movement without the dog getting tangled up in it.Is your product safe to attach to a dog collar?No. Please only attach the seat belt to a dog wearing a harness. Dog harnesses will help eliminate potential strain of dog's neck in the event of an accident.Where can I buy a dog harness?Dog harnesses are ever more popular these days and there are many great harnesses on the market. We're proud to let you know about our very own harness! Check out our product catalog and add one to your basket today. new 1611464605770in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 15.95USD shopify_1643365007434PawSafe™ No-Pull Dog Harness This multi-purpose Dog Harness takes walks to a whole new level, securing your pup with a comfortable hug whilst keeping them restrained and you in complete control.Dog walking might leave you with unhappy thoughts of clinging to a leash as your doggo drags you through the dirt... But it doesn’t need to be this way! Our No-Pull Dog Harness revolutionizes how your fur baby travels by your side.If your dog likes to pull, our harness will hold her steady without choking them like a neck collar would.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSABOUT OUR HARNESSPawSafe's dog harness vest features two strategically placed clips on the front and back will discourage your dog from pulling and allow you to take the lead.Our harness is made from breathable mesh and heavy duty fabric that is strong, yet gentle on your four-legged friend.Not only will it keep your dog secured during walks, but the harness can be paired with the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt to enhance safety during car trips.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSFront and back clips allow for multiple leash positionsAdjustable neck and chest straps to enable the perfect fit for your dogReflective tape woven into straps allows for increased visibility at night time out on the roadWeatherproof fabric is perfect for use during any season new 1643365007434in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 24.95USD shopify_4508517269578Pet Calming Bed Pet Calming Bed is the perfect bed for your medium sized dog or cat. These products are able to provide comfort and warmth to your furry friend, even in its most anxious moments. Your pet will be able to relax quickly when it is able to reach the comfort of this bed. Many dogs and cats can become overly anxious during certain situations including being left alone at home and in enduring thunder storms. They often seek a sense of security in these difficult moments. For those reasons, it is important that your pet has a safe place to go during its most difficult moments that will offer a sense of security.The Pet Calming Bed aims to provide that sense of security your small to medium sized dog or cat needs. It has strategically raised sides to create this security, as well as joint support and comfort throughout. The faux fur material provides comfort as well as warmth during life's scariest moments for your pet.Comfortable and breathable faux fur featuresSmall and medium size optionsRaised rim to increase calming effectsSupportive filling for joint problems such as arthritisMedium size with a capacity of up to 45 pounds and small size capacity of 25 pounds new 4508517269578in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 34.99USD shopify_1649953472586Pet Grooming Glove Maintain your dog’s coat while improving the overall air quality of your home with the easy-to-use Pet Grooming Glove.Dog shedding isn’t just a nuisance, it’s a health hazard that can trigger allergies and pollute the air of your home. Going to the groomer is time consuming and expensive. Busting out the vacuum and changing clothes matted with fur on a regular basis will make you feel like you’ll never stay on top of all that loose hair.The Pet Grooming Glove is the ultimate dog brush that revolutionizes the way your pet’s coat is maintained. Turn a lovable petting session into a deep cleansing massage, as the glove works through tangles to collect loose fur. Your pooch feels pampered as gentle silicone bristles reach deep to massage the skin, stimulating oil glands that leave her coat healthy and radiant. When you’re done, just peel the layer of shedding off the glove and throw it away, then rinse and hang it up for next time- it dries within minutes.Lightweight mesh and silicone bristle design is gentle on skin but tough on tangles.Suitable for all coat types: short, curly, medium, longMakes a great scrub brush for bath timePromotes a healthy, breathable environment.Can be used wet or dry- quick drying material doesn’t hold onto odors & is machine washable new 1649953472586in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 11.95USD shopify_4526116339786Pet Hair Removal Sticky Lint Roller Finally, you can take control of loose pet hair with the easy to use Sticky Lint Roller that instantly picks up fur anywhere, keeping clothes and belongings spotless. We love our pets, but sometimes all that shedded fur can get overwhelming, especially if you’re about to step out of the house and your shirt is covered in hair! Instead of rushing to your closet to find a new outfit, there’s a fast and simple way to remove unwanted pet hair immediately, saving time and hassle.The Pet Hair Sticky Lint Roller is man’s *other* best friend, featuring an easy grip ergonomic handle and thick sticky pad roll. Small and lightweight, it fits in any drawer, glove compartment or purse for anytime access. Simply pull off the protective cover from the sticky sheet roll and gently move the roller over the area you want cleaned. In an instant the hair is stuck on the roller- just tear off the used sheet and toss it in the trash!Removes pet hair from clothes, carpets, furniture, couches, cars and moreEffectively picks up any type of pet hair, lint and dust particlesPortable design to be used indoors, outdoors and for travelLong lasting materials with thick sheets that can be used multiple timesSafe & gentle for all types of fabric new 4526116339786out of stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 6.99USD shopify_4507927838794Pet Nail Clipper The Pet Nail Clippers features an innovative design that lets anyone safely cut dog or cat nails right at home with little skill or effort required. Are you tired of frequent trips to an expensive groomer to trim your pet’s nails? Nail health is essential for both dogs and cats. Without regular trimming, sharp claws scratch up furniture and skin. As well, pet nails don’t wear down on their own, resulting in painful breakage. Traditional pet nail clippers are stressful, causing immense pain if you accidentally cut too deep and knick the delicate “Quick” bloodline.The Pet Nail Clippers was developed and tested by two veterinarians to give pet owners a safe and easy way to cut pet nails at home. The entire system is geared towards a painless experience. It comes equipped with a powerful LED light that illuminates the “Quick” within the nail bed, with a 5x mirror magnifier so you know exactly where to cut. Just place your pet’s nail into the guider for a perfect position, and squeeze the ergonomic grip to deliver a seamless cut every time.The ergonomic no-slip grip and precision blade allow for a comfortable positionA bright LED light illuminates light or dark colored nails to expose the “quick” bloodline and avoid painful over-cuttingPowerful 5x magnifier mirror shows every detail of the nail for extra accuracyBuilt-in nail catcher holds nail trimmings until later disposal for easy clean-upSuitable for both cats and dogs new 4507927838794in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 19.99USD shopify_4536913035338Pet Paw Nail Grinder Painless grooming is at the heart of the Pet Paw Nail Grinder with its two speed electric nail grinding abilities. This nail grinder makes nail grooming easy for every pet in your home, no matter the size or breed. You can complete the difficult task of nail grooming quickly and efficiently.The Pet Paw Nail Grinder is a professional grade tool that has been significantly upgraded. It offers a Diamond Bit Grinder which keeps pets safe and comfortable, without neglecting a precise grind. It offers two speeds and three ports to have the ability to accommodate all of your pets' needs. Finally, it is a very quiet machine so that it does not scare your pets during the grinding process.The Pet Paw Nail Grinder will save you significant money in the long run as you are able to perform this task yourself rather than going to the groomer. It will also save you money in that it is re-chargeable and does not require a battery supply. The battery in this tool lasts up to two hours.Diamond Bit Grinder for safe, precise cut.2-Speed switch with powerful low-speed capabilities.3 grinding ports offering comfortability for small, medium and large petsLow noise and vibration through the whisper-quit technologiesIndicator light to show full charge through its re-chargeable capabilities2-hour life batteryLightweight and ergonomic for comfort in utilization and easy handling new 4536913035338in stockAnimals & Pet Supplies > Pet SuppliesCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 39.99USD